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Spinal collapse occurs due to many different causes such as spinal injury, osteoporosis, spinal cord tumors, multiple myeloma … of which osteoporosis is the cause causes leading and often begins to appear in women over 40 years old. This disease usually progresses silently over long periods of time. If not treated, in old age, poor bone quality leads to fractures such as femoral neck fracture, vertebral collapse …

 Collapse of the spine from various reasons Collapse The spine has many different causes [/ caption]

  1. Signs of a collapsed vertebra

When the spinal vertebrae collapsed, the patient experienced symptoms such as: Sudden back pain, increasing pain when standing and walking, less pain when the patient lay down. The ability to move is no longer as flexible as before, the quality of the spine is significantly reduced green tea for weight loss. The height is also lower due to the collapsed vertebra. Deform of the spine if left for a long time can lead to disability, hunchback, and scoliosis.

  1. Subjects that are susceptible to spinal vertebral collapse

– Menopausal women will have more rapid progression of osteoporosis, so it is easy to have a collapsed vertebra. click here now

– People with secondary osteoporosis with poor physical development from childhood: rickets, malnutrition are also susceptible to atelectasis.

Patients with a family history of osteoporosis are also more likely to develop the disease.

– People who rarely play sports, are sedentary outdoors. People who use alcohol, coffee, and tobacco.

– Having had a history of chronic bone and joint diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis is also at risk of osteoporosis leading to atelectasis exercises

  1. Treatment for spinal collapse

Previously, when treating vertebrae, patients were often prescribed medical treatment. Or apply some of the methods of external fixation. In the case of osteoporosis in the elderly, especially patients with post-spinal wall rupture injury, spondylolisthesis must be treated with other methods. It is best to fix the spine with a specialized screw for osteoporosis such as expansion screws, two-step threaded screws, ciment pump hollow screws. However, for the elderly, when undergoing a major operation to fix with a screw brace tool causes pain. Especially people with cardiovascular disease, chronic lung disease, diabetes are easy to have complications after surgery. Sometimes it is dangerous to your life.

 Treatment of spondylolisthesis with bio-cement pump Spine collapsed treatment with bio-cement pump method [/ caption]

Currently, bio-cement pump method to shape vertebra through the skin is a method of minimal intervention, effective, less complications. This treatment helps patients relieve pain quickly

This is the technique of pumping into the collapsed vertebral body a bio-cement suspension (Methylmethacrylate) through a catheter (Troca). This tube is poked through the skin under X-ray guidance during surgery without needing surgery.

Patients with this technique often get better pain relief right after being pumped with cement. About 2 hours later, they can walk normally and leave hospital. This technique is particularly effective in elderly patients or with combined respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

  1. Prevention of spinal collapse

To prevent spondylolisthesis, the patient needs to strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle:

Diet : Supplement a calcium-rich food source (according to the body’s need: from 1,000-1,500mg daily, from sources: food, milk and medicine), avoid Risk factors: tobacco, coffee, alcohol … avoid being overweight or underweight.

Activity mode : Increases movement, increases muscle flexibility, avoids falling …

– Regularly visit musculoskeletal system to prevent osteoporosis, timely detect, improve treatment efficiency

When there are signs of persistent back pain that does not help, it is necessary to immediately need reputable medical facilities with full equipment to visit with specialist doctors. Avoid self-medication, injections, or acupressure that make the condition worse and make it difficult to treat.

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